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UNSPSC   (V21.0901)

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SEGMENTO:     Medical Equipment and Accessories and Supplies

FAMÍLIA:     Patient care and treatment products and supplies

CLASSES (28):     Applicator swabs and cotton balls     Basins and bedpans and urinals and admission kits     Decubitus prevention products     Electrotherapy equipment     Enema administration supplies     Heat and cold therapy products     Hydrotherapy products     Medical documentation products     Injection and aspiration needles and accessories     Syringes and accessories     Urological supplies     Vascular and compression therapy equipment and supplies     Vision correction or cosmetic eyewear and related products     Obstetrical and gynecological equipment and supplies     Fertility and sterility treatment equipment and supplies     Chemotherapy equipment and supplies     Hyperhidrosis control equipment and supplies     Ear nose and throat ENT treatment products and accessories     Restraints and accessories     Phototherapy systems and accessories     Urological pressure measurement instruments and supplies and equipment     Fecal incontinence products     External hearing device parts and accessories     Pleural cavity drain products     Acupuncture equipment     External counterpulsation ECP products     Nonsurgical suction products     Impotence and sexual disorder devices and supplies