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SEGMENTO:     Medical Equipment and Accessories and Supplies

FAMÍLIA:      Medical diagnostic imaging and nuclear medicine products

CLASSES (26):      Medical computed tomography CT or CAT systems and related products      Medical magnetic resonance imaging MRI products      Medical ultrasound and doppler and echo imaging products      Medical diagnostic x ray products      Medical x ray film illuminators and viewing equipment      Medical diagnostic gamma cameras and related products      Brachytherapy products     Gamma radiation therapy products     Medical linear accelerator intensity modulated radiation therapy IMRT products     Medical positron emission tomography PET equipment and related products     Medical single photon emission computed tomography SPECT equipment and related products     Radioimmunotherapy and radioisotope administration products     Radiotherapy teletherapy products     Low energy medical x ray equipment     Medical linear accelerators and related products     Radiotherapy simulators     Vascular imaging and interventional cardiology and cardiac catheterization lab products     Cardiac pacemakers and related products     Medical radiological imaging information and archiving products     Medical imaging processing equipment and supplies     Medical radiological positioning aids     Medical radiation detection or monitoring products     Medical radiological shielding and protection products     Nuclear medicine hot lab equipment and related products     Medical radiological material handling devices and instruments     Medical radiological diagnostic systems